Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Long-Lasting Battery Commercial Actress

Samsung has dropped a new ad to promote its new Galaxy A54 5G. This time, the spot focuses on the phone’s long-lasting 5,000mAh battery.

The 15-second video, part of the “Awesome Is For Everyone” series, shows a Galaxy A54 5G owner who is on a camping trip in the woods and worries about the fact she can’t charge her smartphone. However, as she hold her phone in one hand and charger in the other hand, shouting from the top of her lungs “My Galaxy AAAAAA”, she remembers how she used the device for all kinds of things, such as taking selfies with various filters and watching shows. She realizes thus that its long-lasting 5,000mAh battery will help her get through the rest of the trip without being necessary to look for a plug.

In other ads, the brand showcases the phone’s IP67 awesome durability, the 5G super-fast network, and the Nightography mode, which lets you capture stunning shots even in low-light conditions.


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