Dog Groomer Love Mondays Advert Actor

UK’s largest employment agency website,, continues its “Love Mondays” campaign with a new installment. The spot encourages viewers looking for a job to bring them joy to search and find it on

The spot features a dog groomer dancing and using the trimmer as a microphone to sing a song about how he loves Mondays, while his customer, a cute dog, is staring at him, waiting for the soap bubbles to vanish and the grooming to start.

“Looking for a job to bring you joy? Go to,” the voicoever says in the 15-second advert, which ends with the tagline “Find a job you’ll love” appearing on the screen.

The song playing in the background is an original track, composed specifically for the 2023 main advert, which debuted earlier this year.

Created like a musical, the protagonist – a curly-haired young man – sings the song on his way to work on a Monday morning. Around him, other people are shown dancing in the streets.

The lyrics are the following:

“Catch me smiling when you look my way,
I’m back on course now,
It’s a whole new day.
Now, I love Mondays,
Mondays are working for me,
I can be the person that I wanna be,
now that I’m certain
My Mondays are working for me.”

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