Ram Trucks Life Is More Than a Highway Commercial / Anuncio

Ram Trucks, known for its powerful and versatile vehicles, has unveiled a special commercial in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. In this 55-second spot, Ram Trucks beautifully captures the essence of Hispanic culture and the multifaceted lives of its diverse community.

The ad, delivered entirely in Spanish, carries a heartwarming message that resonates with Hispanic families across the United States. It emphasises the deep connection between the Hispanic community and their Ram trucks, going beyond the notion that life is simply a highway. The voiceover begins by declaring, “This is our land. These are the roads we like to take.” It sets the tone for the vibrant and authentic journey that follows. The scenes that unfold are a testament to the diverse lives of Hispanic Ram owners. Some are seen grocery shopping, highlighting the practicality of a Ram truck for everyday tasks. Others are involved in farming, underlining the robust performance needed in agricultural endeavours. Musicians use their Ram trucks to transport instruments, emphasising their role as companions in creative pursuits. Construction workers and office employees in urban settings alike rely on their Rams for travel and transport.

The commercial, which ends with the automaker’s tagline, “Built to Serve”, brings to life the vibrant, multifaceted nature of Hispanic culture and the numerous roles these trucks play in their lives.

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