Proper Twelve Irish Apple Whiskey Advert - Feat. Conor McGregor Dressed Like Steve Jobs

Conor McGregor stars in an Apple-inspired advert for its new Proper No. Twelve Irish Apple Whiskey.

The spot features the Irish UFC champion, clad in a black turtleneck (like Steve Jobs during his announcement ceremonies) giving a speech onstage about the brand’s new “revolutionary” product. “Ladies and gentlemen, every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. In 2018, we introduced Proper Number 12 Irish Whiskey, a rich and smooth blend of triple-distilled molten grain aged for four years in Bourbon barrels. This is liquid gold. And it didn’t just change the entire Irish whiskey industry, it changed the way we drink whiskey,” McGregor says in the opening of his speech. He then introduces the brand’s new revolutionary product: Proper No. Twelve Irish Apple, which he describes as “a blend of award-winning Proper No. Twelve Irish whiskey with notes of crisp and juicy Irish apple.” He also mentions that this new apple-flavored whiskey is “the result of comprehensive drinking research and development by our fine Distillery workers along with many executive decisions my Proper No. Twelve founder and chairman, Yours Truly.

“We work tirelessly to bring out Proper Irish Apple’s delicious flavor profile that’s not just smooth, it’s smooth to the core,” he declares, adding that “there’s no other Apple liquor that tastes like this.”

On February 6, the Dublin native hinted at the Apple-inspired parody ad through a tweet on his social media, that wrote “Channeling my inner Steve Jobs for a MEGA ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW! Stay tuned…”

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