Progressive Replay Stefon Diggs & Von Miller Commercial

Progressive has dropped a series of new ads to promote its bundling options.

One of them features Stefon Diggs and Von Miller meeting up in a parking lot wearing identical outfits. “Bro, I told you I was wearing the gold leather,” The Buffalo Bills linebacker tells his Diggs, who is his teammate, serving as wide receiver. The latter replies “You know I just got this”, which makes Diggs point out “That’s exactly why I was telling I was wearing mine.” Miller claims Diggs didn’t tell him, prompting Diggs to throw the red challenge flag. A “What Really Happened” replay is brought to them by Progressive, helping them remember that Diggs did tell his friend about the outfit and his intention of wearing it.

“Should I take the hat off?” The Buffalo Bills wide receiver asks, a little bit embarrassed by his mistake. Diggs asks him to take the hat off, the shoes, and the rest of the outfit, because they look “stupid”.

The voiceover declares that one thing no one would challenge is protecting your home and auto with Progressive.

In its “Replay” campaign, Progressive invites you to watch the action unfold when people get a chance to go to the replay. “Everybody wishes they could throw the challenge flag now and then. But what if life came with replay officials to help review key moments?” – this is the idea behind the campaign, which debuted in 2022, with a spot dubbed “Life Jackets”. In it, the protagonists, a couple on a camping trip, argue over who was supposed to bring the life jackets. A “What Really Happened” replay, brought to them by Progressive, helps them refresh their memory and close this subject. Several other ads have been released since then, depicting various other life situations, such as a family dinner ruined by a missing dish, a mother embarrassed by her littler daughter in front of an acquaintance at a bus stop, and more.

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