Progressive Pet Insurance Man Acting Like a Dog Commercial

Progressive has unveiled a new ad campaign titled “Who’s a Good Owner?” to promote its Pet Insurance offered by Pets Best.

One of these commercials showcases a man comically impersonating a dog, taking refuge under the bed out of fear that his wife, who is standing beside their actual dog, intends to take him to the veterinarian. He tells her she can’t make him go to the vet and that he won’t pay another bill.” In response, his wife gently reminds him of their pet insurance, which can assist in covering unforeseen expenses related to pet care for dogs and cats, such as specific surgeries, tests, and consultations. This reassurance makes the prospect of visiting the vet seem less intimidating. Curious, the husband emerges from his hiding place and inquires, “So, there’s still money left for treats?”

As the commercial concludes, a voiceover encourages the audience not to shy away from veterinary bills and explains that for a cost of less than a dollar per day, they can safeguard their beloved pets with Progressive Pet Insurance provided by Pets Best.

Progressive’s pet insurance policies primarily focus on accident coverage, encompassing incidents like accidentally swallowing a new chew toy, experiencing broken bones, and requiring emergency surgeries. The Best Benefit pet insurance plans extend their protection to a broad spectrum of illnesses, including diabetes, allergies, hip dysplasia, and hereditary or congenital conditions.

Furthermore, for those who desire it, the option to add pet wellness and routine care coverage is available. This coverage helps offset the costs of expected veterinary appointments, such as annual check-ups, vaccinations, and more, ensuring comprehensive care for your furry companions.

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