Progressive Motorcycles Commercial - Poetry in Motion

Progressive has launched a new ad campaign to promote its motorcycle insurance coverage.

The anthem spot, titled “Poetry in Motion”, features a diverse cast of motorcyclists on the road while the following message is delivered in voiceover: “Cars lie to us. Motorcycles… tell us the truth. The difference between driving and riding is the difference between watching and living. A ride in a summer afternoon can border on the rapturous like a bath for the nervous system. An electrical massage for the brain. A system’s check for the soul. Motorcycles… tell us the truth. We are small and exposed and probably moving too fast. But that’s no reason not to enjoy every minute of every ride.

Get a quote with America’s number one motorcycle insurer.”

Progressive is known for its advertising campaigns starring Flo, James, Mara and the rest of the crew, Dr Rick, the Parenta-Life Coach, who helps new homeowners to not turn into their parents, and the Motaur (played by Terrence Terrell).

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