Progressive Insurance Interruptions Commercial Actors

Progressive has released a new commercial to inform that new customers who save bundling their home and auto save over $750 on average.

The spot features a man sitting in his living room with Flo and Jamie and having a conversation with them about his new home. At least, he tries to, but is interrupted by various members of his family and not only. After his teenage daughter’s violin practice session and his wife’s attempt to watch a TV show, he gets interrupted by a choir of seniors who, it turns out, practice in his house every Thursday. “We love our house but the cost of home ownership has been a struggle,” the man says, mentioning the utility prices that keep rising and that it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet. At this point, Jamie points out that, on the bright side, new customers who bundle and save with Progressive save over 20% on average, with the angelic choir singing in the background. Jamie doesn’t dare to say anything about being interrupted, especially given the homeowner’s explanation that he lets them practice there on Thursdays. Delighted by their performance, the man praises them, saying “Sounding good, friends!”

At the end of the commercial, Flo concludes that it’s a very musical home and Jamie adds that it’s “Impressive!”.

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