Progressive Insurance Deer Commercial

The most recent Progressive commercial emphasizes the importance of insurance over unwavering certainty, particularly concerning deer crossings.

In this 30-second advertisement, a young girl is at the wheel with her father in the passenger seat. Upon noticing a road sign warning about potential deer presence, she becomes anxious about the possibility of encountering one. Her father, however, attempts to allay her concerns by stating he has never seen deer crossing there and assures her that it’s unlikely.

When the girl questions his certainty, he confidently asserts that he is “super sure.” The camera then shifts to a deer and a fawn by the roadside, with the deer reassuring the fawn that cars don’t cross there. When the fawn inquires if the deer is sure, the response is a confident “super sure.” However, the tranquillity is short-lived as the girl’s car zooms past them, leaving everyone shocked by the near miss.

The commercial concludes with a voiceover advising viewers, “Don’t be sure, be insured,” encouraging them to switch to Progressive and discover why more than 28 million drivers trust their reliable protection.

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