Progressive HomeQuote Explorer Alan & Friend Commercial Actors

Progressive has released a hilarious new commercial to highlight how easy it is to compare home insurance rates with Progressive’s HomeQuote Explorer. This time, it’s not Flo or Jamie taking centre stage, but Alan, played by actor Paul Mabon.

The spot opens with a man who got help from Alan to compare home insurance options. Surprised to find out how easy and fast it was to do that, with Progressive’s HomeQuote Explorer, he admits he told his wife that he would be at Alan’s place for hours. “What do we do now?” he asks Alan, who answers “We live”. The next scenes feature the two doing all kinds of activities, such as jumping on an inflatable trampoline at a barbecue party, going at the barbershop, letting pigeons fly from a hill above the city, and even participating at an arm wrestling competition.

“Save time and money with Progressive’s HomeQuote Explorer,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, adding “What you do afterward, is up to you.” Back in Alan’s living room, his friend is shown declaring that he was actually just thinking he would take a nap.

The song playing in the ad is “Slam” by American hip-hop group Onyx, from their debut album ” Bacdafucup”.

Flo’s crew includes Jamie (played by Jim Cashman), Alan, Mara (played by Natalie Palamides), Lucy (played by Christine Tawfik) and Bob (played by Brian Stepanek).

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