Progressive Dr. Rick, Keith & LL Cool J Commercial

Progressive introduces a comedic new commercial showcasing the antics of Dr. Rick, this time with a special appearance by LL Cool J. The advertisement kicks off with Dr. Rick and a homeowner named Keith in a grocery store.

The parent-life coach cautions his client about an impending encounter with LL Cool J, advising him to imagine an invisible bubble around the rapper. However, the man defies the advice and approaches LL Cool J, bombarding him with various details, including sharing photos of his nephew playing the piano. seizing the opportunity, Keith awkwardly attempts to take a selfie with LL Cool J, showcasing his lack of selfie expertise.

The voiceover concludes the commercial by humorously noting that there are situations young homeowners turning into their parents may struggle with.

While Progressive can’t prevent this transformation, it emphasizes the potential savings when bundling home and auto insurance with Progressive.

In another ad highlighting the challenges of navigating social media for homeowners morphing into their parents, Dr. Rick employs a board to elucidate the distinction between a status bar and a search bar to his class attendees.

Dr. Rick, also the author of “Dr. Rick Will See You Now,” extends his quirky assistance in other ads. From an elevator ride emphasizing the importance of not socializing to gameday shopping at the grocery store and explaining the 10-foot rule when dealing with a plumber at home, Dr. Rick employs various methods to help young homeowners navigate the intricacies of adulting.

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