Princess Cruises Medallion Couple Watching Whale Commercial

Princess Cruises promote their Medallion Class experience in a new ad. This time, the spot focuses on the fact that, with Medallion, orders come to you.

“Why would you want your drinks to find you, not the other way around?” the voiceover asks in the opening of the 15-second spot, titled Never Miss a Moment”, which features a couple on a ship, watching the ocean. “Wow, that’s why,” adds the narrator, referring to a whale jumping out of the water which the two partners get to see. Soon after, a waiter is shown bringing two beverages to them and the voiceover explains that, “on Princess, orders come to you, wherever you are”.

At the end of the commercial, the voiceover introduces the Medallion Class experience, available only on Princess.

Others ads show how the quarter-sized wearable device called Medallion helps you keep track of your loved ones anywhere on the ship, make easy payments, make cabin doors automatically open for you, and more.

The device is waterproof, heat, sand and salt resistant and can be chosen by customers from a variety of options, including bracelets, sports bands, clips, and pendants. A Medallion device doesn’t store any personal information, so there is no need to worry in case it gets lost. A lost Medallion device will be disabled and replaced at no cost.

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