Princess Cruises Medallion Class Teenagers in Hot Tub Commercial

Princess Cruises has released a series of new ads to promote its MedallionClass vacations and the Medallion, which is a quarter-sized wearable device that enables everything from touch-free boarding to locating your loved ones anywhere on the ship.

One of the spots focuses precisely on this last feature and gives an answer to the question “Why would you want a way to locate your friends and family on our ships?” The 30-second commercial shows a teenage girl wearing braces sitting in a hot tub with a teenage boy and looking at him as if she’s ready to kiss him. However, their fun is interrupted by the girl’s mother, who appears unexpectedly, reminding her daughter about the time it is and saying it’s time for her to be just right there. She then gets into the tub, between the two youngsters, preventing thus any possible touch.

“Keep track of your crew, anywhere on the ship,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, introducing the Princess Medallion Class experience, “only on Princess, exclusively for everyone”.

The Medallion device, which is waterproof, and heat, sand and salt resistant, also helps you get whatever you need, delivered to your location, get simplified safety training, make touchless payments, and more.

Users can also download the MedallionClass App. This all-in-one app interacts with your Medallion to put the MedallionClass digital experiences at your fingertips. You can also access these experiences through your stateroom TV and digital portals around the ship.

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