PrettyLitter I'm Not a Cat Lady, I'm a Cat Goddess Commercial Actress

PrettyLitter promotes its exclusive TV offer that gives customers the chance to get this deal by texting PRETTY to 72715 in a new commercial.

Titled “I’m Not a Cat Lady, I’m a Cat Goddess”, the spot features a woman saying she used to be a cat lady but now she’s a cat goddess thanks to PrettyLitter. She declares that this litter soaks up odor better than any cat litter she’s ever used, it’s ultra light and changes color to monitor her cat’s health, and PrettyLitter delivers to your door. “It’s all pretty magical, if you ask me,” she also says.

At the end of the commercial, viewers are encouraged to text PRETTY to 72715 for their exclusive TV offer.

In the past, the brand has also teamed up with Martha Stewart to promote its litter. The famous chef and author stars in a commercial together with one of her new kittens and declares that she loves this litter because it’s tough on odor and helps monitor the feline’s health as it shows the PH level.

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