Nothing Fills A Hole Like Pot Noodle Advert / Commercial

Unilever snack brand Pot Noodle has launched a new advert, created by Adam & Eve/DDB and titled “Nothing fills a hole like Pot Noodle”, which positions Pot Noodle as filling a hole.

The spot features the noodles in all kinds of holes, from the usual potholes to various other holes, such as the ones in a bowling ball, a pool table socket, a golf hole, a mailbox, a birdhouse, and a washing machine drum.

“Nothing fills a hole like Pot Noodle” an onscreen line reads at the end of the advertisement, which showcases the Pot Noodle with Chicken & Mushroom.

The potholes filled with Pot Noodles are actually something people living in the UK might have seen in reality these days. A British man named Marck Morell, annoyed with potholes, filled them with noodles to get them fixed. “Since nothing fills a hole like a pot noodle, who better to team up with to highlight the ridiculous state of the UK’s roads?,” said Mr. Morell, aka Mr. Pothole, who has also tried the ideas of floating plastic ducks in water-filled potholes, birthday cakes, fishing rods, and model submarines to get the attention of the authorities.

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