PopCorners Super Bowl 2023 Commercial - Feat. Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad)

The “Breaking Bad” actors Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston reunite for PopCorners’ Super Bowl 2023 commercial.

The baked treat brand has released a teaser for the Big Game ad, featuring Paul lounging in his lawn chair and munching on some White Cheddar popped corn crisps, while watching the sunset, in the desert. When his phone rings, he answers by asking “Yo, what’s up?”. As the short video ends, viewers get to see an empty chair and then the iconic RV where Paul’s character, Jesse Pinkman, cooked up schemes with Cranston’s character, Walter White, during the five seasons of the show.

Cranston, 66, posted a photo on his Instagram page, that shows him wearing his pork pie “Heisenberg” hat and holding a bag of PopCorners White Cheddar popped corn crisps.

The brand’s chips, described as “the crunchy and wholesome popped-corn snack, are made with real corn, popped, non-GMO, contain no trans fat and no cholesterol.

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