Planet Fitness Low E Commercial Actress

Planet Fitness urges people to find their Big Fitness Energy in 2023 at Planet Fitness, in its latest ad.

The spot features several individuals who complain about their low level of energy, commonly known as Low E. A man says he can’t join a conga line around the family room because of his Low E, another one says he can’t blow a balloon, and a woman says she can’t rub some little weenies she has in her kitchen, for a dish.

A Planet Fitness spokesman says millions are suffering from low energy, commonly called Low E, and points out that Planet Fitness replaces Low E with Big E, which keeps you energized and glowing all day. He then urges viewers to simply join through the free PF app. “$1 Down, $10 a month, cancel anytime,” he also says in voiceover, while an onscreen line informs that this deal ends Thursday, January 12th.

Eventually, the tagline “Find Your Big Fitness Energy” appears on the screen.

Last year, Planet Fitness teamed up with Lindsay Lohan, Star Trek star William Shatner, basketball legend Dennis Rodman, actor Danny Trejo, Black-ish star Jeff Meacham, and actress Jane Krakowski for its advertising campaigns.

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