Pizza Hut Big New Yorker The World's Largest Pizza Commercial

Pizza Hut has dropped a new ad to announce the return of its Big New Yorker.

The spot showcases the fan-favorite menu item, which is now bigger and cheesier, and also gives viewers a glimpse at how the pizza chain created, in partnership with YouTube star Airrack (aka Erik Decker), the world’s largest pizza. Made at the Los Angeles Convention Center, using the Big New Yorker pizza recipe, it covered a surface area of 13,990 square feet and featured approximately 13,653 pounds of dough, 4,948 pounds of sweet marinara sauce, over 8,800 pounds of cheese, and approximately 630,496 regular and cupped pepperoni.

The 16” New York-inspired pizza, that has 6 XL, foldable slices, is made with marinara sauce, extra cheese and Parmesan oregano seasoning. Customers can choose any topping they want, including double pepperoni.

Launched on February 1st, it will be available for a limited time only, starting at just $13.99.

As for the record-breaking pizza, Pizza Hut’s CEO, David Graves, said its 68,000 slices would be donated to local food banks.

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