Opel Corsa Electric Yes Of Corsa Commercial

Opel promotes its new Opel Corsa Electric in a new commercial.

The spot features a diverse cast of individuals asking all kinds of questions regarding the new Corsa Electric, its electric range, fast charging, and future technology. A group of robbers chased by a police car want to know if it has a big range, a pregnant woman ready to give birth to her baby asks if it can charge fast, a bodybuilder asks if it has power, a gamer asks if it’s fun to drive, a shirtless horse rider with his long hair in the wind asks if it looks good in slow motion, a mermaid asks if there is a hybrid version, a robot wants to know if it has smart driving technology, and an actor playing a vampire wants to know if it has Intelli-Lux Matrix lights.

All these questions, as well as other questions, related to the possibility of purchasing it online, to keyless entry, are all answered by the voiceover “Yes Of Corsa”.

The Corsa Electric range includes three trims – Design, available to order from August 2023, GS, and Ultimate.

The new Corsa boasts a redesigned look, with the signature Vauxhall Vizor, for the first time, and the signature hockey stick LED lights. The car also features a new rear LED light design and lettering on the back. The interior comes with an improved 10-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, wireless charging, a flat-bottomed leather steering wheel, and more. In terms of safety driving technology, it comes with Speed sign recognition, automatic emergency city braking and cruise control standard on the Design trim, and more safety features on the other two trims.

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