Opel Astra Electric Hi Energy Commercial / TV Advert

Opel showcases its Opel Astra Electric in a new commercial, introducing it as the car that makes freedom part of your journey.

The spot features a man who, after unpluging the new Opel Astra, after being charged, starts dancing around and above the car. Viewers are given a glimpse at the electrifying exterior design and its interior, which includes an extended head-up display that lets you focus on the road ahead.

Eventually, he gets into the car and hits the road. The voiceover saying the tagline “Hi Energy” and introduces the new Opel Astra Electric.

The electric motor delivers 115 kW/156 hp and a powerful 270 Newton metres of maximum torque, both available from the first touch of the accelerator pedal.​ The Astra Electric has short charging times and a generous range of up to 418 km.

The new Astra, now available to order, is the first Opel to offer battery-electric, plug-in hybrid and conventional gasoline and diesel drivetrains.

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