Old Navy Two Natashas Christmas Commercial - Feat. Natasha Lyonne

Old Navy has introduced a series of fresh commercials featuring Natasha Lyonne, with one of them showcasing the meeting of two Natashas.

In this particular advertisement, the scene unfolds as Natasha encounters a version of herself on snow-covered streets. Observing each other’s distinct outfits, the two Natashas exchange compliments with mutual admiration, repeatedly expressing, “Wow!” During their interaction, one of them responds with gratitude, attributing their stylish attire to “Old Navy.”

In another spot, titled “It’s a holiday miracle,” two Natashas come together at a festive gathering and exchange compliments on their party attire using phrases like “glitzy glamy”, “super snazzy”, “a real saucy boss”, “dynamite” and “style maestro”.

Earlier this year, Natasha Lyonne, an Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated producer, actor, writer, and director, endorsed the Extra High-Waisted Pleated Taylor Trouser Wide-Leg Pants from the brand and encouraged viewers to embrace compliments with confidence, remarking that compliments may be challenging, but you simply have to own them.

Notably, the retailer is extending a special offer, providing a 50% discount on all online orders placed from Sunday through Tuesday on oldnavy.com. Natasha Lyonne humorously promotes this deal in an ad where she’s seen transporting a toboggan laden with shopping bags and gift boxes.

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