Ocean Spray Immunity Orange Mango Man at Marathon Commercial Actors

Ocean Spray has launched two new commercials to promote its “Better For You” beverages, made with just 1 gram of sugar.

One of them promotes the Immunity Orange Mango juice drink and features a man who wants to participate in a marathon even though he hasn’t trained at all. Holding a bottle of Ocean Spray Immunity Orange Mango and Revitalize Cranberry Pineapple juice drink in his hands, he makes himself room among participants up to the start line, where he declares that, if Ocean Spray can make an immune supporting juice drink with no added sugar and still keep that powerful flavor, then he “cran do anything”. “I cran win this race without any training whatsoever!” he shouts, but when the start is announced with a gunshot, he gets terrified and screams, starting to run only after a friend instructs him to do that.

“YES YOU CRAN” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

Developed by Orchard Creative and directed by award-winning Jeff Low (Biscuit), who has also worked with this agency for the brand’s Holiday work, which featured jiggling cranberry sauce disrupting a boring holiday meal, the new ads debuted on January 9, 2023. The other spot advertises the Diet Cranberry Juice Cocktail and features a mother that faces her fear of clowns.

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