Noom Boredom Eating Park Ranger Commercial

Noom has dropped a new ad to promote its weight-loss app, which helps users learn the “why” behind their relationship with food and replace their bad deeply ingrained eating habits with healthy, lasting ones.

The spot features a woman who learns about boredom eating while doing just that. Given her job – park ranger – she often finds herself munching on something when she’s at the office but, thanks to the Noom app, she realizes that this is not a healthy habit for her.

“Sign up now and lose the weight for good,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, urging viewers to take the quiz today.

Other spots feature a young woman who realizes, while using the Noom app, that she has been dealing with a food pusher, another woman who learns about Food FOMO, which is eating from fear of missing out on unique foods, a man always finishing his plate of food, who realizes that he became a member of the “Clean Plate Club” because he was conditioned to finish his plate since childhood, and a woman who realizes that she has been fog-eating.

The weight-loss app also offers calorie counting, activity tracking, group support, and personal coaching.


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