Noodles & Company Photo Album Commercial Actors

Noodles & Company invites you to find your next first on its website in a hilarious ad, part of a campaign that celebrates trying a new favorite dish for the first time and highlights the benefits of breaking routine at mealtime.

The spot, created by Fortnight Collective, USA, features a man in a Noodles & Company restaurant who asked a waitress to take a photo of him trying the dish he ordered. “Thanks, you can only try a dish for the first time once. I have to remember these moments,” he tells the young woman, who can’t help asking him if he has done this before. The customer confirms and grabs his photo album, with snapshots of him trying various other dishes for the first time. He thus shows her an image of him with his first Pesto Cavatappi, a photo of the first time he added shrimp to his Pasta Fresca, a photo of him trying Lenguini Rosa, and a photo captured when he ate for the first time Wisconsin Mac & Cheese.

At this point, the waitress reveals a tiny photo that she keeps in her heart-shaped necklace, featuring noodles.

“You get it,” the man tells her, impressed that he found someone with a similar passion.

The commercial ends with the tagline “uncommon goodness” flashing across the screen. An onscreen line urges viewers to “find your next first at”

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