Nissan Connect Alexa Built-In Play Trivia Commercial Actress

Nissan has released a series of new ads to show how NissanConnect with Alexa Built-In can help you as a driver or passenger.

One of the spots highlights that Nissan can keep you connected to your Amazon Alexa even when you’re on the road, whether playing trivia, search for nearby restaurants or finding your favorite music, by featuring a mother who, noticing that her son is bored during their road trip, asks Alexa to play trivia.

At the end of the commercial, the voiceover declares that your Nissan, with built-in Amazon Alexa, can add a little fun to your road trip.

Other videos focus on the Remote Lock/Unlock, the remote climate control, the Wi-Fi hotspot, and the virtual key, which lets Nissan owners lock and unlock their vehicle using their smartphone or Apple watch, enable start (through the app, as well), warm up or cool down the vehicle and open the liftgate or trunk.

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