NHS Give Blood The Giving Type Michael Dapaah Advert

The NHS needs on average 4,300 donations every day in England to supply hospitals with the blood they need to respond to emergencies and treat conditions like sickle cell and this is why it has enlisted actor and rapper Michael Dapaah to front its newest ad campaign, called “#GivingType”, which invites the nation’s giving types to give blood.

The TV spot features Dapaah walking through the city streets and delivering the following message: “As a nation, we’re a generous lot. You could say giving it’s in our blood. But you know what, it’s blood we need more people to give to save lives.” He then calls for those around him to donate.

“So come on, you giving types!” he shouts, getting the peoples’ attention. One woman says she always lends a hand and asks Dapaah if this means she’s the giving type. A young man says he gives his neighbor a lift and a barber says he gives his customer dating advice, asking if that counts.

As the advert comes to an end, Dapaah adds “Whatever giving type you are, we need your blood type. So come and join the thousands of us, giving one hour to save up to three lives.”

An onscreen line reads “If you’re the giving type, book now at blood.co.uk.”

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