New KFC Nuggets Mom Eating Her Daughter's Nuggets Commercial

KFC has released a series of new ads for its new Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets.

The spot features a mother who put some KFC Nuggets on a plate for her little daughter, but she immediately grabs one to eat it for a temperature check, asking the girl to wait for a minute to cool down.

Delighted by its delicious taste and tender texture, she cannot stop from eating another one, this time with sauce.

The voiceover declares that “You’ve never had nuggets like these” and urges viewers to try them. Consumers can order them online or in the app.

Made with 100% white meat and hand-breaded in KFC’s Original Recipe of 11 herbs and spices, the new KFC Nuggets are available as a 5-, 8-, 12- or 36-piece at participating restaurants nationwide since March 27. Prices start from $3,49. Consumers can also opt for the new nuggets in combos featuring Secret Recipe Fries, a biscuit and a medium drink.e Fries, a biscuit and a medium drink.

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