M&S Food Christmas Oven Gloves Advert

M&S Food’s latest holiday advertisement features the return of the fairy, accompanied by two endearing mittens she rescues from the snowy outdoors. The mittens, voiced by Hollywood actors and Wrexham football club co-chairmen Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, express awe at a pair of oven gloves in the kitchen, contemplating their robust build. When informed that the gloves are for oven use, the mittens, surprised, question the necessity. The fairy, voiced by Dawn French, clarifies that these gloves are essential for handling delectable M&S treats, such as the quick-cooking slow-cooked turkey joint or the tempting pigs in blankets with treacle-cured bacon.

Concluding the ad, the voiceover declares, “This is not just food. This is M&S Christmas food.” Dawn French, expressing excitement about reprising her role as the fairy, shared her delight in bringing to life the charming lost mittens named ‘Left’ and ‘Right.’

The Christmas offerings from the retailer include a variety of tempting choices, such as spring onions and ginger on crunchy toasts with a tangy ponzu dip, pulled beef and potato rosti towers, Middle Eastern-style flatbreads with pulled British chicken, a slow-cooked turkey joint with bacon and stuffing, pigs in blankets wrapped in treacle bacon, triple chocolate panettone, and a passion fruit and white chocolate yule log. Vegan options like the handmade Collection snowmen steamed bao buns filled with vegetables in hoisin sauce are also part of the festive lineup.