Motorway Dealers Advert

Motorway, the UK’s fastest-growing used car marketplace, promotes its services in a brand new TV ad, showing how dealers compete to give you their best price.

The spot features dealers around the country competing with their best price for Helen’s car. It is the biggest car-bidding competition the nation has ever seen and fans celebrate the buzz of the event, before Helen manages to sell her car for a dealer’s best price, all without needing to leave the comfort of her own home. “15,000? No way!” exclaims Helen when seeing the price a dealer pays for her car.

“Yes way,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert, introducing Motorway as “the way to sell your car”.

Motorway connects people selling their car directly with its network of more than 5,000 verified car dealers, matching each seller on the platform with the dealer who most wants to buy their car. The company helps car owners sell their cars online for a great price in as little as 24 hours, with their car collected from home for free, while supporting its car dealer partners to easily acquire the best used car stock.

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