Morrisons More Reasons to Shop Old Friends Having Breakfast Advert

Morrisons has revived its 17-year-old “More Reasons to Shop” campaign with a series of new ads created by its newly-appointed agency, Leo Burnett.

One of the 20-second vox-pop style ads, featuring customers saying their reason for shopping at Morrisons, shows two old ladies at Morrisons Cafe, having breakfast together. One of them says they go there for the breakfast, but really they go for a good old natter. “Don’t we?” she asks her longtime friend, who admits – whilst enjoying her breakfast – that she comes for the breakfast. Left speechless by what her fellow had said, she then bursts into laughter.

At the end of the advert, the voiceover informs that two breakfasts and hot drinks are now available for purchase for just 10 pounds. Eventually, the new Morissons logo and the tagline “More reasons to shop at Morrisons” appear on the screen.

The campaign, which also includes a modernizing of the Morrisons’ green and yellow colors and its tree logo, debuted on May 19 during ITV’s Coronation Street, and is set to run across TV, radio, press, digital display, social media and out-of-home.

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