More Than Pet Insurance Sausage Advert - Man & Dog

More Than, a trading name of Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd, offering Car, home, pet and landlord insurance, promotes its pet insurance in a new advert.

The spot features a man in various places and life situations, saying “Sausage”, and making people around him (as well as viewers) wonder why he says that. While walking down the beach, he says “Sausage”, in front of a food & drinks place he also shouts “Sausage”, on a golf track and in severa other other places he says “Sausage” using different tones. However, as the advertisement ends and he returns home, it turns out Sausage is his beloved dog.

“More Than Pet Insurance. Here for you. Here for …. Sausage (at this point, the man calls his dog). Because life is more than insurance,” the voiceover says at the end of the spot.

More Than has partnered with Dogs for Good, a charity that empowers the lives of people living with disabilities through expertly trained dogs, to support the life-changing work that Dogs for Good do daily.

The charity, which has been making life-changing differences for people with disabilities since 1988, carefully matches the needs and lifestyle of an individual or family with the skills and temperament of the right dog.

As part of its pledge with Dogs for Good, More Than will sponsor five of their puppies, which means they will be helping Dogs for Good put the puppies through training, partnering them with a client, and covering the aftercare costs for the rest of their lives.

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