Mint Mobile $0 Premium Wireless Commercial - Feat. Harvey Fierstein as Isaac Newton

Ryan Reynolds stars in a new hilarious commercial for Mint Mobile to promote the carrier’s latest limited-time offer, which gives new customers 1 month of 10GB plan for free.

The 50-second spot opens with Reynolds looking at the camera and delivering the following message: “At Mint, we won’t waste millions running ads this Sunday, like big wireless companies, but we will make an enormous logo and have me sit on it.” At this point, the camera pans to reveal the huge logo and Reynolds sitting on it, as well as four-time Tony award-winning actor Harvey Fierstein showing up dressed like a man from the 1800s and complaining about a bill he has. “This bill is defying the laws of gravity,” he says, adding that “the prices seem to only go up.”

Reynolds takes the opportunity to announce that, “right now, you can try one month of premium wireless for $0/month.” Fierstein declares that “this is the very opposite reaction to this”, showing his bill. Reynolds can’t help asking the actor who he is supposed to be and learns that he plays Isaac Newton in the ad. Moreover, it turns out this was Reynolds’ idea. The Deadpool star admits that “it’s not working” but declares that “the deal’s great, though.”


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