Michelob ULTRA A Cinderella Story Tony Romo Commercial

Michelob Ultra has released a new teaser for its Super Bowl ad, starring Tony Romo.

The 15-second video features Tomo recreating Bill Murray’s classic “Cinderella story” scene. “The crowded deadly silent. Young Cinderella story happening right in front of your eyes. Former quarterback about to become tournament,” Romo says before hitting a flower with his club.

“This February, Michelob Ultra is taking over the Big Game,” the voiceover says at the end of the spot, urging viewers to order ULTRA now.

Another spot features women’s soccer star Alex Morgan pouring a beer from a tap in her golf bag like Rodney Dangerfield does in the movie and another one features Mexican boxer Saul Canelo Alvarez on a beer run.

They all will co-star, along with Serena Williams and Brian Cox, in the brand’s golf-themed Super Bowl commercial, which is set to be released during the Big Game, on February 12.

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