Metro by T-Mobile Yada Yada or Nada Yada Yada Commercial ActorsMetro by T-Mobile has launched a new ad campaign, called “Nada Yada Yada,” to reinforce its long-standing commitment to no BS, like no contracts, no price hikes and no surprises when joining Metro.

One of the spots features a TV show where the host asks the two contestants, Henry and Chris, “Contracts, plus added taxes and fees. Yada yada or Nada Yada Yada?”. Henry pushes the red button and answers “Yada Yada”, which is right. The show host informs that when you join Metro there’s Nada Yada Yada and the voiceover urges viewers to get 1 line for $25/month.

“Nada Yada Yada means wireless without the gotcha. It means putting customers first, keeping them reliably connected on T-Mobile’s leading 5G network with great perks and none of the BS people hate, like contracts or exploding bills,” explained Clint Patterson, Prepaid Chief Marketing Officer, T-Mobile.

As part of the campaign, the prepaid wireless leader has also launched a series of new services on its mission to fight yada yada purveyors Spectrum Mobile and Xfinity Mobile. These include a Broadband BS Fund, used to reimburse some of the millions of cable customers experiencing – or soon to experience – the yada yada of exploding wireless bills from Spectrum Mobile and Xfinity Mobile, Unlimited 5G Data for $25 so Spectrum and Xfinity Mobile customers and anyone else can get wireless from Metro for just $25 per month for a single line of unlimited smartphone 5G when they bring their phone and number, and T-Mobile 5G Home Internet for Metro for $20 per month through the Affordable Connectivity Program with a Metro wireless plan, giving millions of eligible Americans access to more affordable home broadband.


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