Merge Mansion A Twisted Game Actor Pedro Pascal as Detective Tim Rockford Commercial

The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal stars as Detective Tim Rockford in a new commercial for the mobile game Merge Mansion’s update, set to be released later this month, on March 28.

The spot, created by ad agency Reaktor like a movie trailer, gives viewers a glimpse into Rockford’s investigation of the family secrets of the Boulton family. “Honestly, I don’t even know where to start. On the surface, you got this perfectly normal family – a young girl and her grandmother. This is apple pie, America. It’s like everybody is hiding something,” he says in the opening of the 60-second ad.

“Every family has secrets. Every house has a story. What is Grandma hiding?” the voiceover says throughout the video, which also includes a scene in which the Grandma reveals a message on her hand as she’s driven away in a police car. “He is alive” the text on her hand reads.

In the last seconds of the video, a callback to the original animated commercial is made as the actors morph into Disney-fied versions of themselves. Rockford adds “It’s almost like some twisted game” and an onscreen line urges viewers to join the investigation and download the Merge Mansion game on the App Store or Google Play.

As a player, you will need to help Maddie investigate her family’s past by merging your way through the grounds, fixing up, cleaning up, and restoring the mansion and its gardens to their former glory as clearing up the mansion could be Maddie’s only hope to clear up the dark mystery of the Boulton family’s past.

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