McVitie's There's Only One Sir Trevor McDonald Advert

McVitie’s, owned by United Biscuits, has launched a new installment in its “True Originals” campaign, which aims to help the brand stay top-of-mind with consumers.

Developed with agency TBWA\London and titled “There Is Only One”, the spot focuses on McVitie’s status as an “iconic” brand and features a fellow British “icon”, the broadcast legend Sir Trevor McDonald, who returns to the news desk especially for these biscuits.

“There can be only one. There’s only one King, one goat, one hedgehog,” the voiceover says in the opening of the 40-second advert, which features a goat on a mountaintop, a hedgehog collecting coins, multiple versions of Elvis Presley (one of them portrayed by Rik Gaynor), and Joan, a woman who built a wall. The narrator tells her it’s a great one, but points out that “there’s only one great one” before the video shows a frame of the Great Wall of China. The advert goes on by emphasizing that for any budding supervillain, there’s only one cat, clearly, there’s only one Godfather, and only one biscuit for your biscuit break. “The true original and one person to tell you about it, me, Trevor MdDonald,” a radio host says. At this point, the camera pans to broadcast legend Sir Trevor McDonald, who, sitting at a news desk, a McVitie’s biscuit in hand, corrects the man, saying “Actually, it’s Sir Trevor McDonald and I’ll take it from here”.

The ad’s soundtrack was written and produced by Brit Award-winning rap sensation Little Simz.

The first iteration of the campaign was launched earlier this year, in April, and featured the “Love Actually” star Martine McCutcheon. The spot was a bid to have the public “reconnect” with the biscuit break and assert McVitie’s as the obvious choice for this break.

The British snack food brand, which is over 180 years old and remains the market leader for biscuits in the UK, has a wide range of products, including Chocolate Digestives, Jaffa Cakes and Rich Teas.

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