McDonald's McDouble & Junior Chicken The Best Driver Ever Commercial

McDonald’s Canada has released a series of new ads to promote some of its menu items, including the Small Fries (now available for $2.49 + tax), the Sausage McMuffin ($2.59 + tax), the 4pc Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal ($5.19 + tax), and the McDouble & Junior Chicken ($3.19 each + tax).

The spots depict various scenarios featuring these fan-favorite products and raise different questions. One of them, for instance, is “Is it wrong if one of the highlights of your night is simply the ride home?”. A group of friends is shown in the backseat of a car, tapping their fellow driver on the shoulder on their way back home. The ride also includes a stop to a McDonald’s drive-thru, to pick up an order that consists of the chain’s McDouble & Junior Chicken.

The answer to this question comes from the voiceover, who says “Nope” and adds “The best driver ever, featuring the McDouble and Junior Chicken.”

Made with a breaded and fried chicken patty that is topped with lettuce, mayonnaise, and a sesame seed bun, the Junior Chicken sandwich is served with a choice of side, including french fries, apple slices, or a side salad. One of the reasons that the Junior Chicken sandwich is so popular is its size.

The McDouble features a slice of melted processed cheddar cheese between two 100% Canadian beef patties, topped with pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard on a toasted bun.