Macy's Christmas Commercial Boy

Macy’s has released its Christmas commercial for 2023, emphasizing that the holiday season is more than just exchanging gifts with loved ones; it’s about ensuring everyone feels valued in your midst.

The ad showcases a young boy exploring a shopping mall alongside his father, testing out fragrances, inspecting kitchenware, and actively avoiding toys and child-centric merchandise. As the video culminates with the boy’s encounter with Santa in a specially designated area of the mall, it becomes evident that he had been on a quest to find the perfect present for Santa himself. Overjoyed at meeting Santa, the boy presents him with a pair of snug home loafers, expressing that they are meant for after Santa’s work, an act that visibly touches Santa’s heart.

The commercial concludes with the onscreen message “Give Love. Give Style” and features the 1953 rendition of “Hey Santa Claus” by The Moonglows, famously featured in the cherished holiday movie, “Christmas Vacation.”