Little Caesars Corncob Pizza You're Welcome, America Commercial - April Fools' Day

Little Caesars has unveiled its new corncob pizza, that uses corn on the cob as its crust, and promotes it, obviously, in a dedicated commercial.

The spot features a corncob pizza surrounded by full-size corn cobs, covered with butter, and a two-liter bottle of butter, and highlights that this pizza is “made with hearty, American-grown corn, ooey gooey cheese and a two-liter bottle of liquefied butter.”

“It’s the crust the world craves. You’re Welcome, America,” the voiceover says in the 15-second video, which is available on the chain’s social media channels and has gathered lots of reactions. Whilst some of them believe it’s an April Fools-related joke, others consider it “the greatest thing to happen in the entirety of US history” and are willing to try this pizza.

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