Lidl Plus Cherry On Top Of Your Weekly Shop Advert

Lidl UK promotes its Lidl Plus free rewards app in a new advert, highlighting that members get savings on top of Lidl’s already low prices.

“At Lidl, we’re always Lidl on price. But we know it’s nice to get a cherry on top. The chutney for the cheddar. The Caesar for the salad. That’s why, with the Lidl Plus, you could save an extra 10% on your next shop, on top of Lidl’s already low prices,” the voiceover says in the 20-second spot, adding the tagline “Lidl Plus. The cherry on top of your weekly shop.” while an onscreen line urges viewers to join millions of customers and start saving today.

This 10% discount, valid in GB only, applies to your next shop coupon when you spend 250 pounds in a calendar month. The qualifying spend excludes infant formula. Terms and Conditions apply.

Lidl Plus app is available for download in the Google Store and Apple Store. With this card you can unlock coupons when you reach your spending targets. Thus, you get a free in-store bakery item coupon off your next shop when you spend £50 in a month, a £2 off coupon you spend £100 in a month, one free Alesto item coupon when your qualifying spend reaches £150 in a month, and 10% off your next shop coupon when you spend £250. The app also includes weekly leaflets and magazines, weekly coupons, a scratchcard that gives users the chance to win 20, as well as exclusive discounts and benefits from Lidl’s partners (The Cinema Society, AA, Readly, to name a few).

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