Kayak Golfer Interrupting Secret Meeting Aliens Commercial

Kayak promotes its services in a new commercial, highlighting that Kayak searches hundreds of travel sites to find you deals from across the web and lets pick out the flight, hotel and rental car that fits your trip.

The spot features a golfer who interrupts a secret meeting in a luxury resort where the meeting attendees thought no one would ever arrive anymore.

Asked by the strange creatures, which are bipedal dolphin-like beings, how she arrived there, the woman answers that she used Kayak to book her vacation and explains that Kayak compared hundreds of travel sites to find a great deal on her flight, car and hotel. “Our secret meeting is ruined!” one of the creatures says. “Didn’t look very secret,” the golfer says, obviously annoying them.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the brand’s tagline, “Search one and done.”

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