Jack Link's Bigfoot in Barbershop Commercial

Brand of beef jerky Jack Link’s has launched a new ad campaign, titled “Feed Your Wild Side”, to promote its meat snacks.

One of the spots is set in a barbershop and features a barber who, after taking a bite from a piece of Jack Link’s Steak Strip Meat Bar, unleashes his wild side. A sasquatch appears, cutting one of the customer’s hair with a ripsaw.

“We’ve all got a wild side. Feed it with meat,” the voiceover says in the 14-second commercial, adding the tagline “Feed Your Wild Side”.

Sasquatch has been featured in several other ads for the brand of beef jerky. The “Runnin’ With Sasquatch” campaign, which debuted during 2018 Super Bowl, highlighted that, “In life, you either run with Sasquatch and eat the protein of Jack Link’s Jerky or you run from Sasquatch”, who “is and will always be faster than you”. He has also shared the screen with Minnesota Timberwolves player Karl-Anthony Towns, doing calf raises. In a 2020 ad, a man having a picnic with his girlfriend decides to mess with the iconic mythical man-beast living in the woods and shoots a champagne cork at him. In response, the latter launches a beaver at the man and ruins their picnic.

The brand’s offering includes Beef Steak Strip Meat Bars, made with 100% beef, no added nitrates, and no added MSG, low in sugar and fat, and with 8g of protein, Original Beef Sticks, Original Steak Snack Strips, Original Beef Steak Tender Bites, Thick Cut Hickory Smoked Bacon Jerky, and more.

The Beef Jerky, made from lean cuts of 100% premium beef, then seasoned with simple ingredients like water, salt, and spices, also comes in other varieties, such as Sweet & Hot, Peppered, and Teriyaki.

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