Irish National Lottery EuroDreams Advert Actor

Ireland’s National Lottery introduces a groundbreaking game in collaboration with seven other European countries, offering players the chance to win €20,000 every month for a remarkable 30 years. They’ve also unveiled a captivating advertising campaign for this exciting new game, aptly named “EuroDreams.”

In the ad, a representative from the National Lottery arrives at a woman’s doorstep on a scooter to deliver the thrilling news that she’s won €20,000. Overjoyed, the woman excitedly shares the news with her friends, promising them special treats. As the months roll by, the same representative returns each time with a fresh €20,000 check, and it gradually dawns on the woman that this amazing windfall will continue for three decades. With a beaming smile, she exclaims that she’ll be nearly 50 years old when this dream comes to fruition, but one of her friends playfully corrects her, noting that she’ll actually be nearing 60.

The EuroDreams game tickets went on sale starting October 30th, leading up to the eagerly awaited first draw on November 6th, with each line priced at €2.50. The draws will occur twice a week, every Monday and Thursday, and participants will select six numbers from 1 to 40 and an additional “Dream” number from 1 to 5 to create their unique combination. Notably, unlike traditional lottery games, the grand prize of €7.2 million will be awarded as tax-free monthly payments spanning 30 years. In the unfortunate event of a EuroDreams winner passing away before the 30-year period concludes, the remaining amount will be provided to their estate as a lump sum, subject to applicable taxes.

While annuity options may be new to Ireland, they are a common offering for lottery winners in various other countries. Many U.S. lottery operators provide jackpot winners with the choice of either a lump-sum payment subject to taxation or a tax-free annuity disbursed over three decades.

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