IKEA Safety Anchor and Unlock Commercial

With its first patent pledge and based on the desire to help make life at home safer for the many, IKEA shares its Anchor and Unlock innovation in its latest commercial.

The spot shows some of the safety-related items IKEA has put on the market, while the voiceover explains how, at IKEA, they’ve always been working for a safer home to enable play, exploration and curiosity. This is what makes them push their boundaries, find ourselves, find each other and find a way home.

“We’re always looking to improve and innovate, that’s why we developed Anchor and Unlock, a built-in safety feature aiming to reduce the risk of furniture tipping over. And we will continue on this journey creating a safer home for everyone. To let you explore, play, have fun and be curious,” the voiceover says in the commercial, which shows the VIHALS Chest of drawers, which is the first globally sold product with Anchor and Unlock, which is a proof point to the IKEA innovations journey on clothing storage furniture stability.

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