Hyundai Palisade NHL Matthew & Brady Tkachuk Commercial

In Hyundai Canada’s latest commercial, titled “Sibling Rivalry,” the automaker showcases its Palisade with the help of NHL stars Matthew and Brady Tkachuk, along with their mother, Chantal Oster. The ad plays on the theme of sibling rivalry, suggesting that it begins even before the arrival of the second child and continues as they grow, competing for everything from toys to attention.

The commercial opens with a scene of a mother, Chantal Oster, comfortably seated behind the wheel of the new Hyundai Palisade. In the backseat, her two boys are engaged in a spirited and familiar squabble. As they continue to bicker and playfully hit each other, their mother reaches her limit and urges them to stop. Realizing that peace is elusive with the two of them sitting together, she decides to intervene. With a determined and somewhat exasperated look, she brings the car to a halt. Her intention is clear: she’s going to separate her sons to ensure a peaceful ride. At this moment, it’s revealed that the quarreling siblings are none other than NHL stars Matthew and Brady Tkachuk. Despite the scuffle, their mother, perhaps used to their antics, remains unfazed and resolute in her quest for a tranquil journey. The boys apologize, but their mother’s decision stands, and they are separated.

As the commercial draws to a close, a voiceover introduces the Hyundai Palisade, highlighting its third-row seating and humorously suggesting that the “Third row penalty box comes standard.” The tagline “Made for those who drive hockey” reinforces the connection to the NHL. An on-screen message informs viewers that Hyundai is the Official Vehicle of the NHL.

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