HP Instant Ink with Paper Add-on Service Commercial Actress

HP promotes its HP Instant Ink with Paper Add-on Service in a heartwarming commercial.

The spot features an artist being approached online by a young man who tells her that his mother recently passed away and his father has been really down. He asks her to make something that would cheer him up and sends her an old photo of his parents, which she uses to create a special illustration.

Juxtaposed footage shows the guy’s father, living alone in his apartment and grieving the loss of his wife. While looking through an old hand-written notebook, one of the pages gets stained by tomato sauce and he rushes to type in a Word document the content on the page and then have it printed.

Both of them ran out of paper, but – thanks to the HP Instant Ink with Paper Add-on Service – they got paper and now they are able to print what they need.

The end of the 2-minute film sees the artist delivering her artwork to the address given by the client, which is right in her flat. She knocks to his door and then start a conversation in the kitchen, over a cup of coffee.


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