Hornbach Square Meter TV Spot / Werbung

Renowned Bau- & Gartenmärkte brand Hornbach highlights that even the smallest area can hold boundless potential for creative expression and innovation in its latest advertisement, created by HeimatTBWA.

Titled “Square Meter”, the commercial opens with a shot of an empty one-square-meter space. However, as the camera zooms in, the space begins to transform, taking on different forms with each cut. The home owner wakes up, takes a shower, checks his mushroom garden, makes a pottery vase, has dinner with his girlfriend. Eventually, he exits on a small door onto a stage, where a large audience welcomes him with rounds of applause.

“Every square meter deserves to be the best in the world” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which shows thus how a seemingly modest one-square-meter space is transformed into an endless realm of imagination.

HORNBACH will also publish, from mid-September onwards, a series of genuine square metre projects showing projects developed and built by local creatives and designers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and the Netherlands.

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