HALLS x Latto Pep Talk Commercial

Latto has teamed up with HALLS to combat cold and flu season as the face of their “Rapper Wrote This Wrapper” campaign.

The 25-year-old Atlanta rapper stars in a commercial for the brand, which has decided to update, for the first time in over 10 years, the quotes on the inside of its cough drop’s wrappers. Latto is first shown in the recording studio, struggling to create a piece of music. “If you know those days when you just need a breather or something to keep you going? HALLS Pep Talks did that for me,” she says. After having a HALLS cough drop and noticing the message written on the wrapper (“Feel good like you should”), she feels better and energized.

She also explains that she wrote some pop talk for HALLS to give you that energy to be the boss you are and urges viewers to check them out on Amazon.com.

Fans can now explore the fresh limited-edition wrappers, which feature a variety of 16 different pep talks inspired by Latto’s hit songs, and even some new things in the works, and offer words of encouragement like “keep your crown on” and “belief in relief” when you need them most, on Amazon.com.

The Latto x HALLS Honey Lemon Share Jar (250 ct) are up for sale since October 4, available for purchase while supplies last, at the suggested retail price of $14.99.

“I’m loving these big collaborations that have been just happening for me and my career,” she said of her latest partnership. “I’m manifesting it. I’ve been using HALLS since [I was] a kid, so this is very full circle and huge for me,” Latto said of her collaboration with HALLS.

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