GoCompare Pet Insurance Advert - Feat. Wynne Evans, Gio Compario & Pets

Wynne Evans, the Welsh tenor who plays Gio Compario, GoCompare’s longtime mascot, is back to the small screen in a series of new ads for the comparison website.

One of them, which encourages audiences to compare pet insurance rates on GoCompare, is titled “Like Father, Like Pet” and features Gio Compario arranging a bowtie (that matches his bowtie) on his dog’s neck. Evans, who’s holding his beloved pet – a cat dressed in a pink outfit – in a baby carrier, tells his fellow “That’s a bit much” and, looking at his kitten, asks for confirmation.

“Let GoCompare help you with all your pet insurance needs,” the voiceover says in the 10-second ad, which also informs that GoCompare was rated Excellent on Trustpilot in January 2023.

Wynne Evans has been playing GoCompare’s mascot, Gio Compario, since 2009, becoming thus one of the longest-running characters in British advertising. In 2015, after an 18-month break, he returned as Gio Compario in a new major national advertising campaign, even though the same year he had been ranked “the most annoying UK ad mascot ever.”

In 2020, Compario was featured in several ads that re-enacted car accidents that led to real insurance claims. One of them showed him having a car accident in his attempt to avoid hitting a deer standing in the middle of the road and another one showed him as Margaret Mahoney, a woman who hit a tree fallen on the road because she didn’t have enough time to brake and had her car damaged.

At the end of 2021, Evans starred in a new campaign for GoCompare as himself, alongside Compario, and urged viewers to not settle for their renewal price and ReCompare with GoCompare to see how much more they can save. He also highlighted that there are more savings out there if you shop around and there’s the free £250 Excess Cover each time you switch with GoCompare.

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