GEICO The Caveman's Nightmare Commercial - Feat. Actor Jeff Daniel Phillips

In GEICO’s latest commercial for 2023, the iconic Caveman character from the 2000s is making a comeback in the brand’s lengthiest two-minute ad ever. Jeff Daniel Phillips, known for The Munsters, reprises his role of the Caveman, who is haunted by a recurring nightmare tied to the famous insurance ads. In the ad, he grapples with the enduring impact of the slogan used in the 2004 commercials he starred in.

Upon waking in a nervous sweat, he confides in his wife, Tina (played by Annie Sertich), about the haunting recurrence of that infamous line. Despite not having thought about GEICO for two decades, he receives a mysterious letter from the insurance company, revealing plans for a documentary about GEICO and inviting him to participate.

Tina sees this as an opportunity for him to “set the record straight” and reminds him of how GEICO has helped them insure their home, jewelry, and pets. Despite her reassurances, the Caveman is still perturbed that he became the subject of mockery. “They turned me into a punchline,” he exclaims. Seeking Tina’s advice on whether to collaborate with GEICO, she urges him to move forward, emphasizing that it’s time to leave his metaphorical rock behind.

With a resolve to break free from his past, the Caveman decides to practice on a rowing machine to clear his mind.

“With coverage to fit your needs, it’s so easy to…. well, you know,” the voiceover says at the end of the short film.

This engaging commercial is set to premiere during Sunday Night Football on NBC.

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